The next stage of the project is scanning bones affected by metabolic diseases. Rather than being a specific disease, metabolic diseases are a range of conditions that may affect bone. Our project specific disease classification breaks down metabolic disease into three categories:

1. Deficiency: Scurvy (Vitamin C deficiency); Anaemia (iron deficiency, also including Thalassaemia and Sickle Cell); Rickets (Vitamin D deficiency); Osteomalacia; Porotic Hyperostosis; Osteoporosis

2. Excess: Gout; Fluorosis; Hypervitaminosis; Urinary calculus

3. Dysfunction: Paget’s Disease

The BARC collection at Bradford has numerous examples of these conditions. With so many examples to choose from, the Osteology team has to pick the examples that are classic manifestations of these various conditions.

The gallery below has a few examples of some of the specimens that may be scanned.