On Wednesday 11th July, Dr Andy Wilson (Project PI) and Dr Jo Buckberry (Project CO-I) attended the 11th Annual Learning, Teaching and Assessment Conference at the University of Bradford.

The theme of the day was “Improving Student Attainment”. As part of this conference, Andy and Jo, with support from Tom Sparrow and Emma Brown, ran a session on the Digitised Diseases project. The session was full, with attendees from the School of Life Sciences, Engineering, Design and Technology, Learner Support, Computing, Informatics and Media, Academic Development Unit and School of Health Studies.

Each participant was given a laptop with Meshlab and a selection of textured 3D models bones that have been scanned so far. We bought along the actual specimens too, so the participants could compare the model with the actual bone.

We asked the participants questions on the first impressions of the project, how easy the software was to use, how well the models matched the actual specimen, what they thought the textures added to model, how easy the pathological descriptions of the bones were to follow and their impressions of different file formats.

The feedback was very positive. We received comments on how innovative the project was, as well as ways the models could be embedded into the curricula of a number of degree programmes within the University and how useful the project will be to users outside the University. We were also offered more technical support and advice from the Academic Development Unit, which we will be taking forward.

Overall it was a very positive, helpful and enjoyable experience for the project staff, resulting in the possibility of new collaborations within the University, as well as publicising the project.