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Burial 38 from the Hospital of SS James and Mary Magdalene,  Chichester

There is premature closure of the sagittal suture. (However, the extent is obscured by taphonomic breaks along the sutural line.) The sagittal suture is obliterated posteriorly from bregma for at least 2mm, obliterated for 2mm near obelion and at varying locations along this suture. The coronal suture is fused from bregma for 4mm to the right and 5mm to the left.  The cranium has a marked increase in anteroposterior length.   The cranial index (70) indicates this individual is dolichocranic. The orbits are relatively large in relation to facial size.

Co-existing pathology

On the roof of the orbit is a semi-circular healed lytic lesion that has an irregular floor surface and new remodelled compact bone at is base.  The lesion has a maximum diameter of c.5.1mm. The individual also has further postcranial asymmetries, notably the humeri, which are c.6.5mm larger on the right, and the tibiae, which are c.5mm larger on the left.

Note: Along with premature craniosynostosis, the individual likely had a congenital syndrome.