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As the year draws to a close it begins to dawn on us how quickly the Digitised Diseases project has progressed. It seems not long ago we had just begun the MOLA part of the project and it feels like only yesterday that the equipment was delivered and we were trained how to use the laser scanner.

Dismantling the laser

Dismantling 140 kilos of steel table!

In the past year we have scanned a diverse and impressive cross-section of our archaeological collections covering all of the common and some of the more unusual pathological bone conditions we encounter in past populations. We have completed over 300 laser scans and taken over 17000 photos for overlaying.

Royal College of Surgeons

Arrival at the Royal College of Surgeons

Installing the laser at the Royal College of Surgeons

Andy installs the laser at the Royal College of Surgeons

But now it is time to say goodbye, the laser is already packed up and with more than a little help from Andy and Tom from Bradford, we have hauled the 140 kilo steel table from the MOLA offices to the Royal College of Surgeons to begin the next stage of the project.

This will involve the scanning of the well preserved clinical pathological specimens from the Wellcome and Hunterian Museum collections.

Both collections have played an important role in informing the medical world and continue to play a part in the education of surgeons today. The associated records, histories and diagnoses will provide a wealth of examples to add to the Digitised Diseases collection that will continue to provide a resource to help in the understanding, teaching and education of pathological conditions.

As with all happy endings, this is not actually goodbye but more au revoir as the MOLA team is privileged to continue to work with Carina, Martyn and Emmy at the RCS in the scanning of their collections and John who has kindly accommodated us in his photography studio. We look forward to sharing some of the fascinating and interesting examples we encounter in the New Year.

Don eager to start scanning

Don eager to start scanning