Our project texturers have produced a couple of renders of 3D models displaying dental pathology. Once the project goes live you will be able to download these models and manipulate them. The examples below were described by Dr. Alan Ogden.

BD0515 Chichester 211

The maxilla from this young adult reveals retention of the upper left second deciduous molar, due to failure of development of its permanent successor.  There is moderate periodontal disease around the remaining teeth.  The aperture into the nasal floor related to the apex of UL3 is not an oro-antral fistula as there is no evidence of pathology, and the very thin layer of bone overlying the apex of this tooth has simply been lost by post-mortem fragmentation

BD0494 Chichester 214

The surface of this mandible displays taphonomic erosion of all bony and cemental surfaces.  The lower left third molar is abnormally large and displays a dramatic mesio-angular impaction.  The food and plaque accumulation in this region has caused a massive distal carious cavity with pulpal exposure of the second molar.  There is another large carious mesio-lingual carious cavity with pulpal exposure in the lower right second molar, probably worsened by the partial rotation of this tooth causing food debris and plaque to be trapped.