With all the media interest over the identification of Richard III, we’ve had a few questions about what scoliosis looks like. Our very talented Texturers David and Pawel have produced this video render of one of the finished, textured models of a spine with scoliosis. Another example can be seen here in this earlier post.

There is severe deformity of the vertebrae with right lateral bowing of the mid-thoracic spine. The bodies of the second to fourth vertebrae are wedged on their right sides resulting in localised curvature of 35°. The spine then begins to curve from to the left from the fifth vertebrae. The bodies of the fifth to ninth vertebrae are wedge on their left sides, causing curvature of 90° to the left side over the length of these five vertebrae. The spine then curves once more to the right side with wedging in the bodies of the tenth to 12th vertebrae of 30°. The lumbar spine is unaffected.