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We recently were granted permission to add some fantastic specimens from York Archaeological Trust.  This specimen comes from St. Andrew’s Fishergate and is now on display at Barley Hall, York (  The mass on the right is fantastic example of how large osteomata, which are benign neoplasms, can get.


There is a large lobulated mass of compact bone on the right ascending ramus.  The mass measures c. 56.4mm superoinferior x c. 42.1mm anteroposterior x c. 30mm mediolateral.  The medial surface of the assenting ramis is heavily pitted.

Co-existing pathology:Teeth lost pre-mortem: LL3,5,6: LR4,5,6.  Teeth lost post-mortem: LL1,2,3,4,7,8: LR 1,2,3,4,,7,8.  LL7, LR7 severe mesial tilt indicating LL6, LR6 had been lost when individual aged 12 -18 years.