Digitised Diseases is an online digital resource of pathological type specimens made up of more than 1600 3D models of human remains. Given the sensitive nature of the content and the type of collections that we have accessed as part of this project we have an obligation to remind users that whilst they are free to access content for non-commercial educational purposes, any misuse of material (e.g. creation of artwork/ installations or printing of 3D models) from this resource will be taken very seriously. The Royal College of Surgeons in particular is subject to a license from the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) and is obliged to inform the HTA of any misuse of images involving their modern human remains. We would therefore ask that users are respectful in their use of this content, mindful that these are bones of real people and that users approach the resource with the same reverence that they would afford actual human remains irrespective of age.

This statement will eventually appear on the Digitised Diseases website.