The Team

Bradford Team

Dr. Andrew Wilson, BSc, MSc, PhD, PGCHEP, MifA – Project PI

Archaeological Sciences

Dr. Jo Buckberry, BA, MSc, PhD, Project CO-I (BARC lead)

Archaeological Sciences

Dr. Chris Gaffney, BSc, PhD, CO-I (Web output/ archiving lead)

Archaeological Sciences

Dr. Keith Manchester, MB., BS., BSc., DSc (Hon), Clinical Advisor

Archaeological Sciences

Prof. Hassan Ugail, BSc, PGCE, PhD, CO-I (Technical lead)

Centre for Visual Computing

Dr. Emma Brown, BSc (hons), MSc, PhD Research Assistant & Project Administrator

Archaeological Sciences

Andrew Holland, BSc, MSc, PGCE, Research Assistant (Database & 3D laser scanning)

Archaeological Sciences

Dr. Rebecca Storm, BA, MSc, PhD, Research Assistant (Palaeopathology)

Archaeological Sciences

Dr. Alan Ogden, BDS, MSc, PhD, Research Assistant (Dental Pathology)

Archaeological Sciences

Tom Sparrow,  BSc, MSc, AIFA , Research Assistant (Database design & web interface)

Archaeological Sciences

Rebecca Simmons, BARC Intern

Archaeological Sciences

Tatiana Dvorak, BARC Intern

Archaeological Sciences

Andrew Douthwaite, BARC Intern

Archaeological Sciences

Zoe Meacock, BARC Intern

Archaeological Sciences

Pawel Eliasz, Texture Technician

Centre for Visual Computing

David Keenan, Texture Technician

Centre for Visual Computing

Velislava Georgieva, Texture Intern

Centre for Visual Computing

Nicholas Wake, Texture Intern

Centre for Visual Computing

Museum of London Archaeology Team

Natasha Powers

Don Walker

Brian Connell

Mike Henderson

Royal College of Surgeons of England Team

Dr. Sam Alberti

Martyn Cooke

Carina Phillips

Emmy Bocaege



3 thoughts on “The Team”

  1. Samantha Field said:

    Your work looks very interesting and it looks like a great new way to study bones. I am currently doing a research masters using a micro CT scanner to look at Harris Lines so it is a subject close to my heart! Good luck with the on-going research.

  2. Absolutely loving the website, great work!

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